My story

I am currently employed as a Site Reliability Engineer  at a Fortune 50 Company. I graduated May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. I have a passion for design, development and I am comfortable in high pressure situations where problem solving is required. I also like to consider myself a very creative individual.

Before graduating I served as the Vice President of the Information Systems Mentoring Club at UMSL. I was an elected official for the City of Greenpark  from 2020 to 2021 before moving to a new city (although I was re-elected).

I have 6+ years of experience as a freelance web developer for personal and company websites. I have worked in an Agile/Kanban environment creating Full Stack applications from cradle to grave. I transitioned over 26 gitlab pipelines from Jenkins to harness and contributed to 6 different projects. Each application was containerized in a docker container and orchestrated with Kubernetes which were manually and automatically pushed to 4 different environments. I now co-lead a team with 17 team members transitioning customers to the AWS(Amazon Web Services) platform.

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Website Hosting Service


My optional website hosting provider  Check it out


WordPress Website


A Chiropractor Website.

My most recent project  Check it out

Blockchain, Solidity


A 24 hour hackaton where we made it in the umsl newspaper.

Prototype to collect, trade, and battle digital assets  Check It Out

Full-stack Queuing/Management System


A Barbershop.

Website was canceled by owner after project was finished. Check it out

WordPress Web Development Contractor

STL Partnership

Redisigned only the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Sections Check it out

WordPress Website


A Transformer Company.

Website has been altered by owner since project completion  Check it out

LEX API, AWS, Twilio

Louie Voice Assistant

UMSLs 2nd hackaton

Voice assistant chat bot built during hackathon (3rd Place)  Check It Out

JAVA in Netbeans

ATM Bank Account Project

Second Java Project at UMSL

Created a fully functional ATM Check It Out

Java in Netbeanse

Payroll System

A Salon Website

Created a payroll system that populates, selects, saves, and loads  Check It Out

WordPress Sample Website

Salon Bellissimo

A Salon Website

Salon Website that was canceled before any payments were made. This is now a refrence of work that can be completed  Check It Out

Hackaton Project


A 48 hour hackaton

Prototype marketplace for students built during hackathon  Check It Out

Wix Website (First Website Client)


DJ Company for weddings Check It Out